Into the Musical World

Into the musical world

Into the Musical World: Concerts for Youth will give the young people in our community an unforgettable extracurricular experience. Local students will enjoy interactive Friday matinee concerts dedicated specifically to them, where they can become immersed in the musical world during playful performances. Along with exposure to the beauty of classical music, youth will learn about distinguished composers, see featured instruments up close, and talk to the artists about both the music they are performing and their passion for the field.

April 26 at 10am

Music Around the World: Brazil 

In this program, students will explore Brazilian culture through the eyes of a composer. Highlighted pieces will demonstrate how Villa-Lobos’ entwined samba and sounds of the rainforest, city streets and indigenous rituals into his music.

Patrycja Likos, cello
Élider DiPaula, piano | Lecturer

April 26 at 1pm

Stepping Out of the Box: Introduction to Modern Music

Students will explore ways in which composers, during the Modern Era, experimented with mixing musical styles. In particular, the intricate weaving of classical music with simple folk tunes will be examined through the works of Bela Bartok.

Sandor Feher, piano | Lecturer
Rachel Thompson, clarinet
Alexandra Hill, violin
Élider DiPaula, piano

November 1 at 10am

Music Around The World: Mexico, Haiti and Venezuela 

In this program, students will experience the piano music of three Latin American countries. They will explore the historical context of each composer, while also focusing on the intricate ways in which Latin American composers mixed popular music into classical music forms. 

David McDevitt, piano | Lecturer

November 1 at 1pm

Something Old, Something New: The Growth of the Harp Through the Centuries
The harp is one of the oldest instruments. In this program, students will learn how the harp developed throughout the centuries in regard to its mechanism, size, repertoire and usage.
Jordan Thomas, harp | Lecturer


We would love to host your student group for one of these performances! If you are interested in bringing your class to one of the above concerts, please send an email to