About Unity Lutheran Church

Unity Lutheran Church

When our Artistic Director, Élider DiPaula, came to me with the proposal that we purchase a Steinway Model D, I politely humored him. It seemed to me a bit like parking a Porche in the church nave: beautiful, but a bit beyond our capacity as a church. I am so grateful that he was tenacious, and that I was wrong.

Last September we anxiously opened our doors to our community, eager that people would come join us in celebrating the gifts of music and its power to unite us in the heart of God. Our hearts over owed as you and so many others came, eager to share in this vision.

This year our offerings include music and musicians from around the world, re ecting our commitment to boldly proclaim God’s love in Berwyn and our surrounding communities. We have a long history of supporting LGBTQ people, immigrants, children, those needing shelter, while encouraging civic engagement. We are thrilled to add Project 88 to this list.

This year we will especially focus on moving toward the vision to establish a music academy in Berwyn. Working together, we will move toward a dream of offering high- quality music instruction to all, celebrating God’s great gift of music and the arts in this place.

We are delighted to welcome you into this vision.

Julie Boleyn
Pastor and Project 88 Chair,
Unity Lutheran Church of Berwyn